Bonnie Wright from Harry Potter and Jennifer Morrison from Once upon a time to all the moms on Minipoc.

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Once upon a time with emma


As a single mom raising my so beautiful daughter Jennifer all by myself, sometimes i need this little help to make her sleep faster. I can't stay in bed with her every single night for 3 hours because I work the next day very early I don't always have the energy to read stories from books, so minipoc website is a real gem for me. I strongly recommend it, and thank you again!

It works for my autistic son!

Hi. Let me say first that my little four years old boy has autism. It's very challenging to get him to sleep at bedtime. He often has Insomnia. Even myself, I got stuck into perpetual fatigue, wrestling with a different set of sleep problems because of my son's situation. In short words, he struggles with falling asleep during a couple of hours each night. It's draining for us. Most parents with an autistic child probably have a similar problem. Recently, i discovered minipoc on Facebook, and after playing two stories, my son looked more relax to fall asleep more profound and deeper eventually. It much helped me. Nothing is perfect, of course, but the minipoc stories are creative, and I can see in his eyes he imagines something, it's impressive. Even minipoc music works very well for us; it's so calming. Strange to say, but it seems working for my dog too, it's so funny! I want to say thank you again and please, keep updating, it works.

We like yolky the most!!

A real must for future parents.

I really love this website...

A real must for future parents! This website is so smart! Finally, my daughter sleeps within 30 minutes maximum. Yay! My husband generally spend1 to 2 hours every night at bedtime with her preferred book, trying to make my daughter asleep, but gosh, she has so much energy for a six years old. Maybe too much candies ah ah. And then, Pillow fights after pillow fight and talking over and over, gosh... But, the stories here are so relaxing and imaginative at the same time, we both enjoy it. I noticed the new music section recently. We love this too. One word, AMAZING AND IT WORKS!!!!!!

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We loved having bedtime stories read to us as a child so why should that stop now?

Minipoc is a world with tales read by well-known voices to help children unwind and fall into a deep relaxing sleep each night. Listening bedtime stories is recommended by top psychologists and mental health experts because it helps children de-stress from school and improve creativity while sleeping.

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